• Launching of the Amnesty Month on “Silencing the Guns”
  • September 2022 African Union Amnesty Month on “Silencing the Guns”
    • Dr. Jakob Haselhuber 
German Ambassador to Liberia
    • Chairman Grisgby/LiNCSA
    • Angie Y. Sackie Director of Admministration/LiNCSA
    • Christopher Johnson a young Liberian who surrendered illicit Firearm in 2022
    • Coordinator and Former Vice Chair of LiNCSA
    • (Left) Dr.Juliuss Sawolo Nelson President of the UL in Pictorial
    • Cultural Dancers
    • Jefferson S. Kanmoh 
National Security Advisor to the office of the President
    • LiNCSA Staff
    • Liberia Immigration Service Security Personnel
    • Vivian D. Dogbey 
    • Thomas K. Kollie 
Commissioner LiNCSA
    •  Robert Dorliae
 UNDP Representative during the Launching  Program
    • Members of the High Table During the Launching Ceremony