LiNCSA Frowns on the Illegal Possession and Use of Firearms

The Liberia National Commission on Small Arms (LiNCSA) is seriously concerned about the prevailing rate of illicit firearms circulation across the country and the risks it continues to pose to the peace and security of the state. The Commission’s concern comes amidst persistent credible reports of the presence, and in some instances, the unauthorized discharge of illicit firearms mainly under the cover of darkness by unknown individuals in communities across the country.

What is even troubling is the rate at which illicit firearms (mainly the hand-made single-barrel pistols) are being trafficked into the country through illegal border points and traded on the ‘black market’ in violation of the domestic guns law―the Liberia Firearms and Ammunition Control Act of 2015. According to the Act, “no natural person shall have in his/her possession or under his/her control any small arms other than a shoulder-fired single barrel gun for which a possession license has been issued by the Liberia National Police (LNP) and the Small Arms Commission”. The Act further states that only national security institutions and the military are allowed to bear firearms.

The Commission observes that arms in the wrong hands is a serious threat to our national security and further undermines regional peace and stability. The Commission therefore vows that all efforts will be exerted to curtail this dangerous practice.

We at the Liberia National Commission on Small Arms have been working with other state security agencies, local and international partners to put in place measures including several awareness campaigns against arms trafficking and illegal possession of firearms.

While we at the Commission apply efforts to control and combat the proliferation of illicit firearms in keeping with our mandate, we would like to encourage the public, including the press, to work with us to combat the trafficking and illegal possession of firearms in our country.

The Commission strongly believes that non-state actors, mainly private security guards, bearing arms will be an issue that would cause chaos and an overlap of national security functions.

Finally, the Commission warns that the reported unregulated flow of illicit firearms, which undermines our national security and the rule of law, will not be tolerated.

The Commission therefore encourages the public to report anyone engaged in the trafficking and illegal possession of firearms to make Liberia a gun free society by calling the following numbers: 0770650963 / 0888683359.